During your visit with us, Dr. Jason Straw will need to gather as much information about the treatment area and your overall oral health as possible. Our office features 3D imaging in Placerville and El Dorado Hills, California, to do just that.

Benefits of 3D Scanning

Your facial structure is unique, and we design a treatment plan that is special to your individual needs. 3D imaging technology is more beneficial than traditional X-rays in many ways since it provide more detail and insights into facial anatomy, nerve location and more. Other benefits include:

  • Less exposure to radiation than traditional X-rays
  • Improved treatment planning
  • Images are available immediately for our oral surgeon and care team to view
  • Technology can assist with dental implant placement
  • Predictable outcomes from surgery

If you have not had X-rays taken recently by your general dentist, we are happy to take 3D scans during your consultation appointment.

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